How to weigh fish with scale?


Marel Marine Scales are specifically designed for use on board fishing vessels and factory trawlers. This cost-effective series of scales ranges from the simple yet efficient M1100e weighing unit to the M2200 packing scale and hopper controller.

Marel Marine Scales are equipped with motion compensation devices which compensate for the motion of a vessel at sea, making weighing almost as fast and accurate as on land.


  • Hygienic, robust design
  • Available as both single and dual-range scales
  • Selection of built-in packing and grading memories
  • Connects to label printers


Material: AISI 316 stainless steel
Environmental protection: IP67 & IP69K / NEMA 6 & PW12, washdown environment
Approvals: NOAA
Temperature range: -10ºC to 40ºC / 14º F to 104º F
Power options: 110 - 230 VAC 50/60 Hz / 12 - 24V DC
Communication: Ethernet, RS-232, CANopen (M2200)


Marel Marine Scales connect to the company's Innova intelligent production management software. Linked to Innova MarinePack, the M1100 and M2200 system scales can deliver packing and production information online.

The scales can also be connected directly to a PC, making networking fast and simple.



The M1100e Marine Scale is a robust, highly stable scale that ensures fast and reliable weighing at sea. The scale has a user-friendly interface and includes easy connection to label printers.


The M1100 series of accurate and very fast grading and packing scales is designed to meet the needs of on-board processors. Available in several versions, the M1100 can operate as a single or dual-range scale.


The M2200 is a high-end grading and packing scale, which is easily connected to printers, barcode readers and labeling equipment, as well as network computer systems.

If linked to Marel Innova production management software, the M2200 system scale can deliver packing and production information on-line. M2200 has an easy-to-use scripting language (LUA) makes the indicator practical for developing custom applications such as hopper and conveyor control.

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