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At Marsden, we're proud of our history. As a British company that has supplied and serviced weighing equipment to the medical industry for over 50 years, we’re committed to developing new, innovative and accurate medical weighing and measuring solutions for hospitals, medical centres, GP surgeries, pharmacies and care homes.

Marsden has the largest range of medical scales available in the UK. They range from the 2g accuracy of the market leading M-300 baby scale to 1000kg bed scales, ideal for weighing the largest of patients. Marsden can offer baby scales, chair scales, floor scales, column scales, hoist scales for use in hospitals and in the community.

All our medical devices are Class III Approved- making them legal for use in medical environments for the administering of treatment and medication.

Recently, we have added Bluetooth and Wifi scales to our range. These future proof weighing scales scales have been designed for telehealth initiatives and hospitals with a commitment to becoming paperless, allowing the weight data of a patient to be transferred directly from the weighing scale, to a handheld device, PC or central patient database.

Marsden has distributors in 23 countries throughout the EU and now sells its medical scales as far afield as US, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. For more information about our dealers around the world, go to our International Distributors page.

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