Silvercrest weighing scales

We’re not Ocado people in our house, indeed I curse their vans as they block my street on a regular basis. Nor do we have the income to indulge in Waitrose. Lidl we love though and have done since it arrived many years ago in our ends, one of the first of the Branches to appear in London.

Back then we hid our Lidl shopping in Sainsbury’s bags to avoid the neighbours’ judgmental looks but now we wave our bags with pride. We are savvy shoppers. And it’s not just the food, I frequently stop and fosset around in their gadget section and the latest tech thing I’ve got my hands on is this digital scale.

At £7.99 it’s already a ridiculously good price for an apparently well-made scale that has a clear easy to read display with Tare function ( that means you can weigh something, then zero the scale and add some more with a new reading. It’s very useful). But wait, there’s more.

The Silvercrest Kitchen Nutrition Scales not only weigh ingredients but also calculate fat, protein, carbohydrates and calories too.

With over 800 foods pre-programmed and space to add 200 more, the scales make it quick and simple to assess the complete nutritional value of ingredients. The memory function makes it possible to keep a record of meals eaten across the day, so you can review the total nutritional value of your daily intake.

They go on sale today, the 12th, and we reckon they’ll sell out fast. I had fun working out (and avoiding working out). Weighing a Mars Bar produced inconclusive results as it was not covered in the otherwise very detailed booklet that comes with the scales, but even that could presumably be programmed in by the savvy user.

Even if you never used the advanced functions, £7.99 for a scale of this quality and sharp design is a lidl bargain.

The Silvercrest Kitchen Nutrition Scales are part of a new Healthy Living Range at Lidl including the Silvercrest Citrus Juicer (£7.99), Silvercrest Nutrition Mixer (£29.99) and the Ernesto Drinking Bottle With Infuser (£4.99).

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