Weighing scale for shops

Taj+ 30kg Digital Table Top Weighing Scale for Retail Shops

(Product Is Duly Certified By Legal Meteorology and Gujarat Weight & Measurement Department, we will provide original certificate with the scale) This is a Highly Successful Retail Weighing scale with a solid rugged body and excellent quality and accuracy. This device can be used to weigh upto 30kg with a triple accuracy of 1g, 2g & 5g. We use best in class SMD based motherboards for Scales for better reliability and durability. This scale comes with two bright green attractive displays one in front and one on the Pole(for customers view). This scale is made of ABS VIRGIN PLASTIC outer body and provided with a dust cover free. The scale works on direct current as well as comes with a DRY 6v-4.5ah rechargeable battery for backup during power failures. The big pan size of 240 mm x 300 mm makes it an ideal choice for all retail shops. Its an ideal choice for all Retail stores, Kirana, Grocery, Supermarkets, Meatshops, Bakeries and Sweet shops.

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