Analogue weighing scales

20Kg Analogue Scales Graduated in 50g | Analogue Scales | Kitchen

The Compuload Analogue Dial Scale is a cost effective means of safely weighing your goods prior to loading trucks as well as checking incoming goods. Analogue scales assist in the prevention of overloading equipment and transport, therefore reducing your risk of overloading fines.

Cost Effective

Proven cost effective weighing solution for forklifts. It's stainless steel construction and large 160mm / 6 inch diameter scale is highly visible and gives the operation a long life span as does a complete range of parts for ongoing service making this a reliable unit for weighing goods in and outbound from your factory. The gauge is protected by a gauge isolator valve to protect from overload and lifting shocks.

Proven, Rugged and Reliable

Compuload weighing systems have proven themselves in all types of applications and environments since 1989 with 1000’s of satisfied users. The rugged design ensures continuing operation, even when the going gets tough. Great care has been taken in the design of the Compuload Analogue Forklift Scale to provide high reliability and operation over a wide temperature range.

Simple & Easy To Use

Simple and easy to use with only one button with a highly visible display.




Character Size:

4mm (w) x 6mm (h) to 5mm (w) x 3mm (h)




Power Supply:


Supply Current:




+/- 1% (typical) reading in 20kg increments


Steel bracket with black powder coated finish


210mm (w) x 290mm (h) x 145mm (d)


Stainless Steel


4 kg (unpacked)

Optional Printer:

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