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9 Best Kitchen Scales for Your Countertop 2017 - Reviews of
Best Overall

With its bulky, lab-style body, the KD-8000 stands out from the smaller, sleeker scales in our lineup. But if you have the counter space in your kitchen, this weighing machine won’t disappoint.

In testing, the KD-8000 proved to be the most accurate of the bunch, displaying the correct weights even when we added and removed objects from its platform. We liked the backlit screen, which displays an icon to indicate when a measurement is stable, as well as the cover that helps protect buttons from errant flour. In addition to measuring in grams, kilograms, ounces, and pounds, the scale also offers a baker’s percentage mode, allowing you to easily weigh out (for example) a mixture that’s two parts oats and one part sugar.

The bottom line is this: Yes, the KD-8000 is an unconventional pick. But it’s a joy to use and will measure your food with impeccable accuracy. If you want a more compact scale, you’ll have to take a slight hit when it comes to quality.

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