Digital Baby weighing scale

Baby Weighing Scale Market Forecast 2022: Global Key Manufactures

Purchase a seca baby scale in the Online Shop and make a noticeable difference in your routine work at the hospital, medical practice, midwifery practice or other medical facility. For more than 175 years our scales have been known for their highly precise functionality and innovative technology that fulfills your practical requirements. That also applies to our baby scales, which we develop to be precise, functional and convenient to use at your medical facility. Doctors, nurses, midwives and pediatric patients in particular make great demands of baby scales. Precision and effectiveness are top priorities in weighing procedures for babies. Other requirements for a baby scale from seca include skin-friendly materials and intelligent functions. Optimize your everyday medical work with seca 360° wireless technology, which allows wireless transmission of measurement data to a PC or wireless printer from seca.

Are you looking for seca 354, the digital baby scale that also converts to a flat scale for children, or the seca 334, our mobile digital baby scale or the seca 374, our digital baby scale with wireless transmission? Whatever you need – a wireless, mechanical or digital baby scale – you are sure to find it in our Online Shop. You can now purchase a baby scale direct from seca in the shop. The seca 374 digital baby scale with wireless transmission, for example, is a baby scale equipped with our seca 360° wireless technology and a spacious weighing tray for comfortable weighing of your smallest patients. The seca 354 digital baby scale is equipped with the practical Breast-Milk-Intake function, which supplements the standard weighing process by measuring the precise amount of breast milk the baby has consumed. For special needs in mobile use we recommend the seca 354 to midwives. The baby scale's low weight is perfect for efficient use in the field. If you do not want to depend on an electronic scale, we also offer mechanical scales that can be used in your practice or other medical facilities. In our Service area you can simply and conveniently arrange to have your high-precision baby scales from seca, the world’s market leader, maintained and serviced.

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