Omron weighing scale review

Omron Full Body Sensor Scale Review

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The number that you currently see on your regular bathroom scale may not be the most accurate representation of how much you actually weigh or how healthy you really are. The Omron HBF-516B digital bathroom scale measures your entire physic, taking into account your age, height and activity level.

Full-body composition is measured while you are on the bathroom scale, including:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Resting metabolism
  • Visceral fat
  • Body weight

Omron employs the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, like several other wireless scales and smartphone scales on our list. When you step onto the scale with bare feet, the BIA sends a low-level electrical current, about 50kHz (fairly insignificant) through your body. According to Omron, “Muscles, blood, bones and body tissues with high water content conduct electricity easily. On the other hand, body fat does not store much water, therefore has little electric conductivity.” The measurements that you receive from the digital scale are determined, basically, on how easily the current goes through your body.

There are two parts to this digital bathroom scale – the scale itself and a handheld display unit. The display unit is connected to the scale by a cord. To get the most accurate measurement, Omron suggests that you have a straight posture, raise your arms extended past your elbows at a 90 degree angle and look straight ahead. Depending on your level of health and mobility, it may be difficult to hold the unit up so high and at the correct angle.

The Omron HBF-516B can store four different profiles and has a 180-day memory for each profile. The memory includes the high and low readings throughout the 180 days.

This particular digital scale does not transmit any of your data to an online location or to your smartphone. Although the memory function does record your highs and lows, we recommend writing them down for yourself in a weight diary.

The scale is digital, but it is not a touchscreen, so you will need to scroll through the various options to get to the features you desire.

Overall, this digital bathroom scale may be best more agile customers who can easily hold the display unit high and at a 90 degree angle and bend over to scroll through the options. We really do appreciate the massive amount of information that you can gather about your body’s composition.

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