On board truck weighing scales

Semi Truck On Board ScaleSouthwestern Scale provides on-board truck scales as an alternative option when a legal for trade system is not warranted for the application. These on board weighing systems successfully maximize loads for various industrial operations, as well as to assist in avoiding the liabilities associated with overloading your vehicles. They are best suited for mining, aggregate, waste, general trucking, as well as scrap and recycling applications.

With an on-board system on board, operations will be able to improve operational efficiency, virtually eliminate overweight fines, increase operating safety and decrease maintenance costs. Installation is a fairly easy process, with each system, including wiring, typically requiring eight to twenty hours per truck (dependent on the model).

Key Benefits of Owning an On Board Truck Scale

  • Optimize your fleet’s efficiency by hauling the maximum legal payload on every trip without the need for going to a platform scale
  • Eliminate costly overweight fines
  • Load to the maximum legal weight quality at the loading point without ever needing to wait in long scale lines or driving to the nearest platform scale
  • Eliminate travel time and expenses to certified scales
  • Reduce maintenance costs and increase your vehicles’ life-cycle by hauling loads that the vehicle was designed to carry
  • Reduce fuel usage by hauling at capacity for fewer trips
  • Increased safety by ensuring weight is within legal limits allowing braking distances to remain constant and tracking around corners to be more predictable
  • Eliminate liability exposure due to increased braking distance from overweight vehicles
  • Improve customer service by providing individual pick-up container weight to better assure your commercial customers that they are being billed fairly
  • Increase revenue by accurately charging customers on pick-up and delivery operations
  • Improve operation efficiency by recording weights, load cycles, dump cycles, and amount of haul-back. With the increasing use of on-board computers, wireless communications, and GPS equipment, weight information can easily be collected and transmitted back to the home office.

Quality Service

Are you looking for quality service for your on board scale? Well, then you certainly came to the right place! At Southwestern Scale Company, we not only sell top quality products, we ensure they are working to their full potential by servicing and recalibrating them as well. We will even service scales that you may have purchased from another distributor! For more information on our products or service please feel free to call or email us today.

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