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91 metre length roll
High flexible data cable for low frequency transmission application.
Protection from external electromagnetic field ensuring excellent data transmission realiability.
Coverage of copper screen braiding is more than 80%.
Overall myler tape wrapping over cores improves Dielectric strength of the cable.
Significant reduction in crosstalk and interference between the cores within the pair cable due to twisted pair in the instrumentation cable.
Fine strands of ATC copper wire, PVC based core insulation, twisted in layers, overall myler tape wrapping, then screen braid of anneled tinned copper wire, outer PVC of speacial compound.
Control and signal cable in speacial purpose machines and measurement equipment
Electronics and computer systems.
Electronics scales/electronic weighing machines.
Many data transmission applictions and instrumentation applications.
These control and signal cables are used in the milliampere range for computer systems, electronic control equipment, office machines, scales etc. and wherever the thinnest possible control cables are required.
Electronic systems normally have little space available for cable installation. Cable is made especially for short distances and small bending radiuses.

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