Tanita digital weighing scale

Weighing Scales - Tanita Digital Weighing Scale HD 325 Importer

Personal and professional weight scales, body composition, and health monitoring equipment

Displays 3 units of measure all at once.

Tanita Corporation founded in 1923, and being a third generation family-owned business, health and wellness has been our mission. We’re continually looking for ways to help people live healthier lives. The Tanita HD-384 is unique in this regard as is has the capability of displaying three units of weight measurement at once. View your weight in pounds, kilograms, and stone-pound on a single blue backlit LCD display, these are the three most common units of weight around the world. There’s no need to adjust the unit setting switch found on most scales.

Tanita digital bathroom scales are known for accuracy, reliable performance, and unique features. The HD-384 has an extremely low-profile, oversized platform with a high weight capacity of 440 pounds. The modern styling of 8mm thick Black or White Tempered Glass complements any environment. Simply stand on the scale to activate, your weight will be accurately displayed within seconds.

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