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Luggage Travel Weighing Scales - 50Kg Portable Handheld Electronic

Luggage scales have come a long way since their spring and chamber days. Thanks to advances in technology, most modern scales are digital. As with anything else, when you are looking to buy a luggage scale, there are additional things to consider besides just price. Accuracy in the modern era is usually not a problem, as most scales can easily weigh items in fractions of pounds. It is important to look for the scale that best fits your needs, however. If you need a scale that is extremely accurate, don’t buy one that rounds up to the nearest pound or half pound.

Something else to think about is weight conversion. If your airline lists accepted weights in kilograms and not pounds, you may want to invest in a scale which can convert units of measurement. Or, you could buy a calculator and a luggage scale…whatever works best for you.

Oddly enough, you may want to consider the weight of the scale as well. Granted, you can’t use the luggage scale to weigh itself, but when you are shopping around for a scale to use frequently or that you may take traveling with you, factor in the weight of the scale. If you are worried about fitting all those souvenirs in your bag and staying below the weight limit, adding a three pound scale to the extra weight can just be another headache.

Some scales are even backlit. Should you find yourself weighing your luggage for a flight at 4:30 a.m. while trying not to wake your roommate; they will most certainly appreciate you having purchased a backlit scale.

You'll want to avoid a luggage scale with a limited weight capacity. How much your checked baggage can weigh varies from airline to airline, but the average is about 50 pounds, so any scale that cannot weigh over that isn't a valid option. If your luggage exceeds the airlines weight restrictions, they will usually charge you a set fee per additional pound. Consider a luggage scale that can hold 80-100 pounds. This way, you can figure out how much you will need to pay if you are going to go over the restrictions, and then decide if the extra stuff is worth the price.

Other Interesting Uses For Luggage Scales

Even airport scales can be inaccurate. Having a luggage scale is a way to be sure your luggage is under weight, while also keeping those airport scales in check. Unless you travel often though, your luggage scale may find itself collecting dust if all it is used for is weighing luggage.

Luckily, a good luggage scale can be used for anything you can pick up by hand. For the avid backpacker, an accurate luggage scale can be used to quickly check your pack weight, to keep you from carrying too much on the trail. A bicyclist may use the scale to weigh their bike before a race.

On a fishing trip, a luggage scale can have a double purpose, after making sure your luggage is at the proper weight, it can be used to weigh that fresh caught fish…so long as you don’t mind the smell. Luggage scales can even be used to get shipping costs on packages. Tie a rope around the item and attach it to the luggage scale. Now you have your very own shipping scale.

They can actually be used for any bulky items that are too large for your bathroom scale, as long as you can fit a rope around it or it has a hook of some kind. If you take care of it, you can get regular use out of a good luggage scale for years, and all you will ever have to change are the batteries.

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