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Myweigh Affordable Inventory Scales

My Weigh's CTS3000 digital counting scale offers all of the features called for in industrial warehousing and production applications - ease of use, simple robust construction for factory floor durability, genuine portability, and just the right levels of counting performance. Displayed resolution of 1:60, 000 is making other counting scale manufacturers scream - "how can My Weigh make such an awesome counting scale for such a low cost?

My Weigh is going to drive us out of business and ruin the counting rental forever!! Who will rent a counting scale when Precision Weighing Balances is selling the scale for less than the typical weekly rental?"

Other Brands ECS Counting Scales

ECS Electronic Counting Scale is powered by AC adapter or the internal rechargeable battery and features a 13.4" x 9.7" weighing platform. The rechargeable battery is factory installed and included with the counting scale and offers more than 25 hours of battery life when fully charged.digital counting scale This counting scale is an excellent choice for weighing small parts in the range of 0.25 grams or more. We understand many people don't have a scale to weigh their part so to give you an idea what 0.25 gram would be simply take a paperclips off your desk and straighten the wire out and then break the wire into two equal pieces. Well half a standard paperclip weighs about 0.25 grams. If your part is a lot heavier than 0.25 grams then be sure to see the other 5 models of the ECS Counting Scales here.

A&D FCi Series Counting Scales

FC-i Series by A&D combines the latest cutting edge features and a heavy duty design. A&D Weighing has long been a global manufacturer of high quality counting scales. The result is a truly professional line of parts counters ideal for the most demanding commercial and industrial applications.A&D FC500si Counting Scales Each inventory scale comes equipped with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) for enhanced counting performance.

A&D HCi Series Parts Counters

Fast, Accurate Results - Fast piece counts - accurate down to the last part. No lost inventory or time wasted by inefficiently hand counting. Three displays simultaneously show the piece count, unit piece weight and the weigh readout in kilograms or pounds.

A&D HD Series Inventory Scales

A&D HD Series parts counters have a detachable display head for use with large sized containers and for flexible readings and operation. The large 11.81(W) x 14.96(D) inch weighing pan and removable indicator eliminates any container from covering the LCD preventing you from recording your readings.

Adam Equipment GFC Series Industrial Counting Scales

Adam Equipment GFC series are high capacity heavy industrial counting scales, ideal for use in production, packing and dispatch areas. They are free standing floor scales built to stand up to the treatment handed out on the factory floor.
A&D Parts Counter A&D HD12KA Piece Counting Scale Industrial Counting Scale Parts Counting Scale

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