Weigh scales in alberta

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At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd., we’re proud to offer a wide range of scales that can handle an enormous variety of jobs, from the smallest laboratory balances to the largest truck scales and weigh scales in Alberta. So whether you’re looking to rent or buy scales, or need servicing, the team here at Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. can help. Our inventory of includes scales for standard axle weighing, front end loaders, livestock, trucks and rails, and even medical uses. We invite you to browse our site to check out our products, and if you have any questions, or would like to receive a quote, contact us today.

Measurement Canada Accredited
If your business relies on scales in Calgary or surrounding areas to operate, we understand how important it is to work with a company you trust for inspections and servicing. At Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. we are Measurement Canada Accredited, which means we are authorized for to perform scale inspections. We are also able to certify specified legal for trade devices on behalf of the government under the Weights & Measures Act. To be eligible for the accreditation we must maintain an internal quality system that is in accordance with government regulations. We maintain a Quality Management System, which is based on Measurement Canada’s SA-01 Accreditation Standard and our systems is audited annually by Measurement Canada. For more information about our company, contact Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. today.

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