Weighing scale indicator

SS Indicator For Weighing Scale - Vijay Fabricators, Ahmedabad

Automated applications often require a weight indicator that is capable of integration via fieldbus networks, industrial Ethernet and to control devices. We have you covered. Our scale indicators are connected, accurate and work will software for filling, batching and formulation.

Our wide variety of vehicle and rail weighing solutions are easy to use and maintain. The bench, portable and floor scale indicators are operator-friendly, reliable and offer flexible adaptation into a production environment. They come with an advance human-machine interface and have multi-lingual settings to for maximum operator understanding. Peripherals and MES/MRP are easy to integrate. We even offer scale indicators for advanced bench and floor applications, which require a large graphical human-machine interface, advanced data management and powerful software. For more basic bench and floor scale applications, we offer reliable, easy-to-use weighing terminals that require minimal operator training and system maintenance. Our comprehensive range of hazardous-area terminals is versatile, for use in checkweighing, filling and vehicle applications.

Scale indicator selection can be challenging. In rugged industrial environments, only the most durable, well-designed weight indicator can withstand tough conditions while remaining highly accurate and reliable. Flexibility also is important so that it meets your specific process requirements and provides the accurate information you need. Scale indicators should provide accurate, reliable and flexible integration into a manufacturing process. Weight indicators can be customized to meet your unique process needs. METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of scale indicator, weight indicator and scale controller systems to meet demanding industry and legal requirements and regulations. Every weight indicator we sell is global weights and measures approved for legal-for-trade use. Product offerings include indicators for tank, silo, hopper and bin scales; vehicle scales; bench, portable and floor scales; hazardous-area scales; custom programmable scales; and for OEMs and system integrators.

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