checkweigher conveyor

High Accuracy Checkweighers

Sonic Small Item High Accuracy Checkweighers

Small item, high speed conveyor checkweighers that include infeed and/or discharge belt conveyors. This is a premium unit that is capable of direct food contact and tolerant to washdown applications. Tool-less removal of frames and belt. 1″ dia. rollers for smooth transitions for the smallest parts including cookies and other foodstuffs. The design can be “ganged” for multi-lane applications. Servo driving belts for smooth operatio and high accuracy. As these accuracies, slight air currents can make a big difference so optional wind tunnels are available to maintain performance. Optional items include reject diverters for out-of-tolerance items or used when sorting by weight, stack lights, etc.

  • 1g or 0.1% accurate
  • 1-25 lb capacity
  • 6-15″ W x12-18″ L
  • Tool-less Belt Quick Change
  • Advanced 5511si Controller
  • Stainless, washdown construction
  • Direct food contact rated
  • 1.00″ diameter transitions

Drag Chain Checkweighers

Small item, special application conveyor checkweighers. Two, four or more flights of table top or metal chain are used to convey product. The unique combined single drive for infeed settling, outfeed and weigh areas saves cost and complexity, allowing it to be used at a lower cost than the Sonic checkweigher although with similar accuracies. This design allows weighing without the use of photoeyes which can be valuable in harsh environments. For wider or varying products, more strands of chain can be used for stability. For items with soft bottoms such as bags, we recommend the Sonic checkweigher, above.Heavy Duty Checkweighers Special transition rollers allow it to handle transitions for smaller items.

  • High accuracy at lower cost

Heavy Duty Checkweighers

This ‘workhorse’ is specified when the product is too large or too heavy for the Medium Duty Conveyor Checkweighers, or in extremely abusive environments like concrete, stone, or roofing. Large, heavy products of nearly any shape and size. Engineered for harsh, abusive, dirty environments, such as stone, cement, asphalt, bulk material, etc. 4″ dia. dynamically balanced pulleys, Vee-guided belt. The Heavy Duty Checkweigher has a traditional TEFC motor and is priced assuming its motor controls are integrated with the production line. Optional internal motor controls are available.

Drag Chain Checkweighers Medium Duty Checkweighers

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