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Please read this quick guide as we have addressed most problems or questions below. If your concern is not addressed, then please click on the link below to open a service ticket if necessary. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand electronic scales so you can successfully operate and maintain your scale. These guidelines apply to all electronic scales, even those not made by My Weigh (although we wish you’d only use ours). 90% of defective scales are able to be fixed, explained or adjusted by reading this guide below! If this guide does not help you with your problem, Please review our Frequently Asked Questions Section for instructions on how to contact us, , or what to do next.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Additional model-specific troubleshooting can be found in the online manual for your scale. This manual can be found on by clicking on the appropriate scale from the web page.

Does your Scale show 8888, UnSta, Err or a similar error code? Please troubleshoot your scale using the online manual for your model. This manual can be found on by clicking on the links on the left side of this page. For example, If you have a Palmscale, specific troubleshooting information can be found by following this link.

Is your scale only showing “partial digits” on the display? If a scale is excessively shaken (sometimes during shipping) it’s possible for the LCD to become partially separated from the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). On many models you can gently press on the LCD and it will reconnect. However on many scales it’s difficult to reach the LCD (without removing the cover) and thus the scale will often have to be returned to us for a quick repair.

Scales perform terribly when they are cold. If the scale temperature is below 65, it will perform slowly and somewhat inaccurately. Scales like warmth. However, do not operate at temperatures above 85 or they will again be somewhat inaccurate. Please only operate and display scales at normal room temperature of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If a scale is cold or hot, allow it to adjust to normal room temperature for 12 hours if possible (this sounds drastic but a load cell / sensor is like a metal sponge. It takes many hours for the temperature of the entire load cell to adjust. When a scale is cold it can and will “drift”. This is when a scale starts increasing or decreasing its displayed number (0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g, etc).

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