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HealthOMeter Balance Beam Scales

It's up to you to take charge, and there's no better way than purchasing a HealthOMeter balance beam scale starting at $163. Health experts agree these scales are the BEST in the business.

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Detecto Professional Scales

Detecto is recognized as a founding father in professional weight scales. You can't go wrong when choosing a Detecto. Find one that fits your needs perfectly!

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Health Mobius Carrying Case

Find a carrying case for your HealthOMeter, Seca, Detecto scales for only $40. This 17" X 14" X 5" bag fits scales like the HealthOMeter 349KLX, 498KL, and 752KL and more.

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Enjoy professional scales for medical facilities by brands like Health-O-Meter, Detecto, Befour, and Seca.

We offer a complete selection at the lowest prices on medical scales and health scales from great manufacturers such as Detecto, Seca, and HealthOMeter. We offer quality products at affordable prices. While doctors have trusted the HealthOMeter name and reliability for nearly a century. The Detecto and HealthOMeter digital scales are rugged, all-purpose stainless steel scales with a wide range of capabilities. These features make them uniquely suited for a number of operations. These health and fitness scales are perfect for health clubs, schools, sports teams or homes.

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