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Y5/6 Reading Scales by RJSENIOR - Teaching Resources - Tes
A demonstration of how to read scales. Participants in a maths quiz are asked to read different scales and explain how they worked out their answers. Scales are read on a measuring jug, number lines, weighing scales and from a measuring tape. Not all the points on the scales are labelled so the participants must work out how to read them. This clip is from: First broadcast:

This would be a useful clip to play when learning to read different scales. It can be used in the preliminary stages of a practical lesson whereby pupils will get to apply what they learn about measurement and scales to real life situations, hopefully using real life equipment. This clip, which reveals that one line can represent any given number depending on the nature of the scale, could pave the way for a simple worksheet activity where pupils could apply what they have learnt. Also, should pupils have any problems, the clip could always be played a second time once the worksheet activity has begun. Thereafter, pupils can be asked to measure various things using whatever equipment is available.

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