Vintage avery weighing scales

Vintage Avery Weighing Scales For Sale in Ashby De La Zouch

Medical scales come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are purchasing medical scales for a hospital or doctors office or just doing some weight watcher strategies a scale can be the perfect choice to keep track of your body weight. Our medical weight scales for sale include the standard mechanical doctors office scale with height rod. These scales are sometimes thought of as antique or vintage items but they are typically very reliable and accurate. We also have a wide variety of digital scales with or without a column. Most doctors offices and hospitals choose to use the column while many nurses or home use applications choose not use the column and go with a more portable version.

The advantages of a professional digital scale for the doctors office is speed. With a digital scale, there is no sliding counter weights or waiting for a beam to settle. Some of these digital scales are also available with a hand rail which can be great for patients that need just a little assistance navigating on to the weighing platform. Digital wheel chair scales are very easy to use and can weigh the patient while they sit in the wheelchair. We also have medical vet scales which are used in veterinary offices to weigh dogs and cats. If you are interested in class III items please see the wrestling equipment. Since we have been offering medical scales for over thirty years, we have a pretty good idea of what the best scales are. We like to sell the best names like Detecto, Health O Meter, Rice Lake, and Seca. We also offer some of the newer brands to the marketplace like Salter Brecknell and Doran Medical.

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