American weigh pocket scale

American Weigh Chrome Digital Pocket Scale, 200g by 0.01gm | Kush

It's a great little scale. Has its own case which doubles as a tray. But has one thumbs down feature. That would be the auto shut off in one minute of none use. If your like me and weigh out liquids at under a gram, and you have several liquids to combine to complete you work. and you pause a little to long. count on this auto-off feature to ruin your day.! It does not keep your last setting or weight. It is designed to save battery life. But really a frustrating and useless feature since the display is LCD and not much power is needed anyway. There is no way to defeat this auto-off feature for those like me who do not need it. Also, be careful handling liquids, They can (and did ) find their way inside the display. ! Trim a piece of strong clear tape and cover the display. keep liquids out. As liquids is what i work with, i found this out! Has not seemed to bother it though. but do protect the display. I'm satisfied with it except that one pet peeve regarding the one minute auto-off feature. I could do without that.!. not really doing me any favor. triple "A " batteries are cheap. if you need a small scale that is accurate from 1000 grams down to 0.1 grams in a small package. it's a great value. And most of your use is in dry weight. and you can live with that one minute auto-0ff feature.?? The tray is Ok, but moves around easily. I would say there is a bit of room for improvement with this scale. Do away with the Auto-off!.. One minute is to short of a time period. IMO i would have given five stars if it would stay on longer.! so i can complete my work when using it. and not have to begin all over again when working recipes up to 9 seperate ingredients.

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