aquatronic electronic kitchen scale Salter Aquatronic Digital Kitchen Scale (Silver and

The stylish Taylor 1020BKSS is a cook or baker's dream kitchen scale. With the unique Aquatronic liquid measurement function to weight both liquid and dry ingredients this scale can tackle any kitchen or household task. The scale's overall capacity is 11 lb./5 kg/175 fl. oz./5000 ml weighing in 0.1 oz./1 g /0.1 fl. oz./1 ml increments - lots of measurement options. The Add and Weigh 'zero' function is used for weighing multiple ingredients for a recipe and with a touch of a button automatically adjusts the scale back to zero after each addition. This is also very helpful when weighing into a separate bowl or containers - just add a bowl, zero out the weight and add ingredients. You can also weigh directly on the brushed stainless steel platform with is Easy-to-clean and won’t transfer food odors. Also, included with the scale is a handy Baker's Chart for easy conversion of volumes to weights. This scale comes with your first set of 2 - AAA batteries so it's ready to go right from the box.

  • Aquatronic function weighs both liquid and dry ingredients

  • Total capacity 11 lb./5 kg/175 fl. oz./5000 ml weighing in 0.1 oz./1 g/0.1 fl. oz./1 ml increments

  • Featuring a 0.5 in. LCD readout, add and weight tare feature, and baker's chart included for volume/weight conversions

  • Stainless steel weighing platform is Easy-to-clean and the auto or manual shut off make this scale a must have

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