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Lakeland flat digital scale

Key features: Measures to 1g and has a large surface area for bigger trays and a stylish mirrored finish.
Price: £31.99
Measures up to: 10kg

Comments: This slick set of scales has a large digital LED display, a super-sensitive weighing mechanism and you can turn on, off or tare by sweeping your hand across the sensor. The only downside is that is doesn’t measure liquids. Buy from Lakeland.

Best… for small kitchens

Zing kitchen scale

Key features: Easy to use, great value for money and, true to the name, a fresh and citrusy colour.
Price: £8.99
Measures up to: 5kg

Comments: These attractive scales are slimline and easy to store. They’re a safe option for students or those pressed for space. Buy from Harbour Living.

Best… budget option

Spectrum electronic scales

Key features: Measures liquids and in grams, has a nice flat surface area, doesn’t wobble and is exceptionally good value for money.
Price: £8
Measures up to: 5kg

Comments: If you don’t feel like investing in an expensive set of fancy scales, this is a great option. The LED display is easy to read and the tare function very effective. Buy from Dunelm.

Best… Y-shaped scales

Salter digital scales

Key features: Can be used with any bowl or container, lightweight and good for roasting trays.
Price: £9.99
Measures up to: 5kg

Comments: The benefit of buying y-shaped scales is that the shape allows them to hold any measuring device. This lightweight set looks good and can measure liquids, too. Buy from Robert Dyas.

Best… Innovation

Judge solar-powered kitchen scales

Key features: Economical solar-powered function and liquid measurement function.
Price: £20
Measures up to: 5kg

Comments: If used regularly, scales can quickly eat up batteries. These solar-powered Judge scales bypass that inconvenience. However they’re not as precise as other scales, so if you often need to measure gram for gram, you should opt for one of the above products. Buy from Millys Kitchen Store

Buyer’s advice

Why buy?

Unlike lots of American recipes that use cups, most UK recipes use grams and millilitres. Measuring ingredients to the dot is extra important when you’re baking, so if you’re a cake fan or have a super-precise approach to cooking, a set of scales is essential.

What to buy

Electronic scales are much more accurate than traditional mechanical versions, although we do love the charm of an old-fashioned cast iron set of scales complete with individual weights. If you’re going to give your scales a bit of a battering, be sure to consider how good the battery life is, plus think about what you’ll be using to measure ingredients as the scales will have to have a big enough surface area to accommodate.

What we looked for

Accuracy: The most important factor. We were looking for scales that weighed to finite degrees, ideally to the gram.
Maximum weight: Scales can only bear a certain amount of load, so if you’re likely to be measuring large joints of meat or heavy ingredients like potatoes, be sure to check what the scales can handle.
Liquid measurements: Ideally scales will offer a variety of units, and millilitres come in really handy.
Reading panel: We looked for bright, large LED displays.
Ease of cleaning: Scales should be easily cleaned with a quick wipe.

How did we test?

We tested using heavy ingredients in a roasting tin, plus flour to check precision.

What didn’t make the cut?

Scales with small or dark digital displays and those that couldn’t measure to 1-2 grams.

This review was last updated in June 2017. If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability please get in touch at

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