Salter disc electronic kitchen scale

Outlet Salter Disc Electronic Kitchen Scale - Black

Slim, stylish, sturdy

The Digital Disc Kitchen Scale is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Handy and practical, the platforms accuracy and precision makes measuring exact quantities simple and straightforward; it’s no wonder this is a Salter bestseller! Suitable for use with most bowls or containers, you can simply weigh directly onto the scales or with your own mixing bowl, adding ingredients as you go (to the same bowl) without creating more washing-up. Compact and neat, the electronic scale simply wipes clean and is easily stored in drawers or the cookbook shelf – the ideal solution to saving space. The unit will automatically turn off if left inactive for three minutes, so there is no need to worry about leaving it on and draining the battery. Available in a range of colours and practically designed, the Digital Disc Scales will look stylish on any worktop or surface.

Add some more!

Use the Add and Weigh function to weigh multiple ingredients in the same bowl, allowing you to subtract the weight of the bowl and only measure the new ingredient added. Simply press “on-zero-off” to reset the scales and add your next ingredient. Make cooking easy by reducing the washing-up and saving time! Too often baking creates a messy, cluttered kitchen; the Digital Disc Scales eliminate the need for multiple cooking bowls and get your cake in the oven much quicker. Teamed with the Aquatronic function, this reliable, handily compact platform really speeds things up.

Supersonic, Aquatronic

Ultimately precise, the Aquatronic feature has the ability to measure liquids without the need for a measuring jug. Simply choose your preferred unit of measurement (ml or fl. oz) and add the ingredient to the bowl. Suitable for all water based liquids (including wine, milk, stock, cream etc), there are no excuses for not trying out that new ice cream recipe!

Transform the culinary experience with this outstandingly functional Electronic Kitchen Scale. Cooking your meal and finding the time to do the washing-up can be a daunting task when you have plenty of other things to get on with. The ability to quickly and accurately weigh ingredients simplifies food preparation and minimises the washing up! Suitable for the professional cook and those just getting started, these stainless steel disc scales are a must-have for accurate, efficient cooking.

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